" In order to fly we must overcome our fear of falling. Together let's step out on faith, find our W.I.N.G.S. and fly!"

                                                                       -Michael D. McBride - The W.I.N.G.S. Project


Michael D. McBride Sr.


Michael D. McBride Sr.

I am the founder and visionary of the W.I.N.G.S. (With Inner Nurturing Greatness Soars) Project. LLC. As a product of Camden, NJ, I learned at an early age how blessed I was to have a circle of family, neighbors, coaches, and friends that were all instrumental in my overall development. Through this realization, I began to understand that by giving of myself to others in selfless service I could soar.


We hired Mr. McBride for our company’s first ever Leadership Retreat. We needed a speaker who was engaging and inspirational to help re-invigorate our tenured staff. Michael OVER-delivered. He used his real life experiences from coaching to talk through overcoming obstacles in leadership and being the best leader you can be on a daily basis. He has a magnetic presence that kept our audience of 85 people completely engaged. The positive feedback we received after was overwhelming; we were very lucky to have found such a positive speaker!

Adrianna Iarossi

SCLA | NJ TCR2 Supervisor GEICO

Phone: 609-865-0074
Email: coachmcbride@thewingsproject.com
Instagram: @thewingsproject1

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